Taken from a gondola in the Grand Canal.  At night.  It's tough to see, but it's there.  The white thing in the distance is the Rialto bridge.  It's old.

Whooooo... Gondola's go fast!  Whooo!
This is actually a lot cooler than it looks. This is the Rialto bridge again.  Closer now.  And a little older than in the first picture.
Close up of Rialto.  Bonni told me that you have to kiss when you go under bridges.  Sometimes I had to remind her. Movie of us on the gondola.
Movie that's way cooler than the one you just watched. We like this picture.  It looks better when it's not shrunk.
Actually, forget the last one... this is the picture we like.

You get haircuts here.

Actually, the poles "have something to do with colours representing family names".  That's a direct quote from Bonni.

First night in Venice and Bonni makes me spend $160 on a friggen gondola ride.

Notice how happy the gonolier looks.

Our hotel room in Venice had a wicked little Patio.  Not a balcony.  A Patio.  Bonni is very particular about the correct terminology.

Anyway, this is the view from it.

This is more of the view from our balco... er, patio.

This picture makes Bonni happy.  Which in turn, makes me happy.

This pretty much sums up the vibe in Venice.

I was happy to discover that it doesn't stink like some whiners seem to lead you to believe.

More canals.  They're friggin everywhere. Streets.  Taken from a bridge over a canal.  For what it's worth.
A shot of the Grand Canal during the day.  Pretty cool, hey? Day 2.  I'm not as scared as I look.
"Ok... now take a picture of just me, Punky!" Ask Bonni about the pigeons.

This is a cool movie of San Marco Square.  You sit and have a very civilized lunch while these guys (half of whom like Bobby Deniro) play you a little something.

It don't come cheap, though.  We got bent over the table for $30 coffee.

Bonni is happier than she looks.  Notice the old stuff in the background
This is the Bastilica (fancy italian word for church) in San Marco square. Bobby Deniro - lookin' dude on the fiddle
OOOOH!  Versace!!  I can barely contain my glee!! Here I am being artsy.
I'm happier than I look in this photo.  Pizza rocks. This is a dumb picture.  It's an out of focus shot of the ally our hotel was in.  Ignore it.

Bonni's favorite movie - it sums up Italy for her.  Had I known that we were going to nail this so early, we could have saved a lot of money.

Panoramic photo of the Basilica in San Marco square.
This is where we ate breakfast every morning in Venice.  It was so civilized I could just sh*t.  It had the BEST coffee. Tough guy.
I like this shot of Bon. Why does my face look so swollen?
Here too.  I don't know what was going on.  I was probably reacting to the vicious bastard mosquitos.  We had marks from our bites for three weeks.