Vatican City

The Swiss Guard at St. Peters.  According to Robert Langdon, they guard the Pope's house. This is the dome in St. Peters (the biggest freakin' church you'll ever see).  Michelangelo designed it.  He ripped off the Pantheon.  But he painted it better.
A blurry photo of some of the opulence that a few milennia of christiondom will buy you. It's a nun.  In the vatican.  You couldn't swing a bag of hammers without hitting one.  (Which, incidentally, they frown upon)
There was a church service going on.  I think that some blessings leaked on to us. This is a picture of God.  Really... look at it.  Tell me that isn't God.
We climbed up to the top of the dome.  It was hot, sweaty and cramped.  You were rewarded by a prison-like view of the goings-on below. This is the view of St. Peters square from the top of the biggest church.  It was here that Bonni hit her head so hard that she almost threw up.
See that little nub at the top?  That's what we climbed up to. Again, I draw your attention to the little nub at the top.  It was, like, 35 000 feet, or something.
Quick game - Spot the Catholic in this picture.
Vatican Museum on the way to the Sistine Chapel. A LOOOONG hall. It was filled with all kinds of stuff we didn't give two sh*ts about.  We were here for one thing and one thing only - The Sistine Chapel.
S'cuse me.  Pardon me.  Coming through. This is a picture of an inquisitive monk.
I did stop long enough to take a picture of something on a ceiling in the hall.  Mostly just to see if I could. Bare Bum.
This is a picture of Bonni stalking an inquisitive monk. At this point, we've seen the Sistine Chapel (no cameras were allowed... but thats no big deal because everybody knows what it looks like anyway.) and now we're trying to high tail it out of there.
Knock off purses ... and the Madonna with Child. Those crazy Swiss Guards.  Bonni thinks that something was going on here.  She swears she saw important priests getting out of cars.  What I want to know is how can you tell and important priest from a nobody priest?
Me and a nun.  We have the same shoulder bag.