This is the place we stayed in Tuscany.  It used to be a grainery, before they shooed out most of the critters, put in some plumbing, and jazzed it up with some paint. We had this little porch to eat on.
Mmm.  Wine.
SUNFLOWERS! Bonni liked the sunflowers.  They were mostly dead, but she found this field of some that were still mostly alive.
Inside our room.  The black flags are actually my underwear, drying. Another shot of our room.
Dov'e mi Pollo? It rained for 4 days straight.  This was our view then.
Near... ... and FAR!
Our little car.  It went fast.  But not as fast as the other maniacs on the road.  Yeeesh. The sun came out on our last day.
This is the little town that was 4 clicks from our farm.  It was neat, when it wasn't raining.