Washing my feet in the bidet.  We weren't sure how to use it... so we made up uses. The Spanish Steps.  Close the shopping district.
This taken at the Pantheon.  This column is old.  Like REALLY old.  The Pantheon is the last fully intact building from ancient, pre-christian Rome.  Naturally, since then, the christians have buried a bunch of their stuff in it.  Specifically Rapheal. Beers by the Pantheon.
The Pantheon, and a stolen Egyptian obelisk.  Rome was full of stolen Egyptian obelisks.  I can't fault them for it.  If I could get away with it, I'd have one in our backyard too. Trieste Fountain.  The guidbook said we had to go here.  So we did.
The Colosseum.  This cross was erected in memory of the christians that were thrown to the lions here.  It's important to note, however, that christians weren't actually thrown to lions here.  I'm beginning to think that they just like putting up crosses.  Me, I like throwing people to lions. Inside the Colosseum.  It's not unlike being in McMahon stadium.  Seriously... had a little audio tour thing that basically took an hour and a half to explain how every stadium in the world works.
Cool photo, hey? An arch.  An old arch.  A very old arch.  There is all kinds of cool stuff about this arch... but if you really care that much, you probably already know it.
These are all ruins in Ancient Rome.  You know... there's only so much of that you can take.  Like, yeah, it's crazy old... and it's all that remains of the birthplace of western civilization... but eventually you just have to say, "Who want's pizza?" Bonni & ruins
Ruins of the Roman Forum in front of ruins of the Colosseum. Roman Forum
Skyline This is a cool photo.  And a remarkably expensive one.  I, in my infinite wisdom, bought two tickets to walk up here... after which I discovered that our tickets to the Colosseum already got us into this.  StupidStupidStupid!!
Notice the 1500 year old church in the background, and the bored wife in the lower right. Man... enough with the ruins already.
I'm out of hand.  A cool shot, though. Here I am posing with ruins.
The colloseum again??  Didn't we already get shots of this? Italian graffiti.  They are very health conscious.
We won't ever complain about Calgary Transit again, after the Rome subway.  This photo makes it look much better than it actually was.