This requires some explaination. While in Italy, we began to notice a trend in the population.  The Italian male is an amusing species... we dubbed him "Rocco".  When we got bored with the city we were in (normally because we hadn't read the guidbook), we would occupy ourselves taking pictures of Roccos.  We called it "Going On A Roc-about".  A good Rocco is well dressed, has sunglasses, a cell phone, greasy hair, and a female companion known as a "Roc-ette".  A Rocco has a confidence about him that practically permeates the air.  Oh, we loved a good Rocco.  Sadly, the very best ones we saw only live in our memory... we never managed to get the camera out in time for the creme de la creme that Italy had to offer.

This page is our tribute to the Rocco's of Italia.  You know who you are.

Rocco's come... ...and Rocco's go.
Where In the World Is Rocco? Fonzie - Rocco
Business Rocco Tourist Rocco
Roman Rocco. Rocco listens.
Handshakin' Rocco THREE BALD ROCCOS!!  In one shot!!
Bonni's Piece de resistance.  After growing weary of subtetly, she walked up to him, and snapped a picture.  We learned too late that Rocco likes to have his picture taken.
Look close.  Even Rocco's have to pick their nose. Dangerous Tattooed Rocco
European Carry All Rocco Chillin Rocco
Market Rocco Euro-Mullet Rocco
Milanese Rocco

Papa Rocco.  He cut his hair, ditched the shades, and had a shower.  But he's still a Rocco.

(Bonni want's to draw your attention to the ladies heels, behind Rocco.)

Oops.  No Rocco's.  Sorry.  Just rich people walking their dogs. This Rocco defines himself.
Nothing remarkable. Another Business Rocco.
Double Roc-shot.  Yin and Yang. Motorhead Rocco and Fashion Rocco.