Movie of us in line to see Michelangelo's "David" This is the "Duomo" (Cathedral) of Santa Maria.  Everythign is either Maria, Mark, or Peter.
This is looking up from the inside at the dome in the church.
Bonni inside the Duomo
This is... what the hell is it?  It's some kind of tower attached to the side of the aforementioned church.  If we had read the guidbook, I'm sure it would have told us.  Whatever it was, it was cool Here's Bonni getting artsy with the camera.  Or, alternatively, she's tripping while taking a picture.  Or drunk on wine.  All possibilities.
Me in front of Ponte Vecchio.  It's a famous landmark in Florence that we couldn't be bothered getting any closer too.  Or read about before now.  It's possible that we missed some things.
Fancy arches.  It's old. Macchiavelli
Dante Michelangelo
Leonardo. (almost all the ninja turtles were here - but we didn't take pictures of the ugly ones.) TA DA!
Self explanatory. This is us in front of a fake Statue of David.  The real one stood in this exact spot until some clever chap realized that it was valuable, and maybe they should put it away, and charge 10 Euros to see it.
This was taken after 6pm- at the time of the day when the lighting really made things look spectacular.
This is some Renaissance castle in the middle of town that has been turned into a shopping complex.  This country is full of crap like that. Not only is Bonni wearing a backpack... but she's wearing Teva's too.  Now if only I can get her to ditch the aerosol hairspray...
Something old.